About Pipestone

Pipestone II inc. is a Native American owned company licensed, bonded and insured general contracting firm in Arizona.

Since the company’s inception they have performed more than 45 remodeling contracts of the Haulapai Nation, in Peach Springs and 25 residential renovaions at Fort McDowell Mohave-Apache Indian community. Most contracts have consisted of repair and modernization work and some extensive burn repairs and new construction of residence. All projects have been completed on schedule, within budget and to the satisfaction of tribal employment office and the residents.

We take pride in our reputation for quality performance at a fair price and would welcome the opportunity to work with you and you business needs.

Pipestone Projects

Hualapai Tribal Court House

Real or constructed view of reality? Put together carefully so the audience is pushed, educated, and informed on the subject.

Ramada Project: Recreational facility

Hualapia Tribal G.CR.C. Development ( Grand Canyon Resort Corporation) 1st ten unites of a twenty-eight unit project known as “Diamond dCreek Ramada Project”. Location 18 miles north of Peach Springs on the Colorado River

FAA Communication Tower Vortec Facility:

Peach Springs AZ installed near the rim of the Grand Canyou on the Hualapai Reservation.

Personal custom home

Territorial Style Santa Fe Design